Roots Farm Fresh Sweet Potato Fries, Frozen (64 oz.)

Roots Farm Fresh Sweet Potato Fries, Frozen (64 oz.)
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Roots Farm Fresh Sweet Potato Fries are the cleanest and crispy on Planet Earth. While most fries are boiled, these sweet potato fries are steamed which keeps them crispy on the outside and nutritious on the inside. Roots Farm makes their products right near where the farmers grow them, and they work diligently to use all parts of the sweet potato to minimize any food waste. One way they do this is by using upcycled sweet potatoes. Upcycled are the potatoes that are considered “ugly” or “misshapen” and would have otherwise been left in the field to rot.

Each fry is certified as gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, allergen-free, kosher and halal. Roots Farms products are good sources of vitamin A and C and fiber. Roots products do not contain any preservatives, added sugar, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Good for Families and Good for the Planet

Roots Farm focused their product development on sweet potato products based on their “nature’s orange superfood” status. The sweet potato fries are designed to give health-conscious folks and busy families a way to enjoy nutritious sweet potato products for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their plan for making products that are good for the planet includes sourcing raw materials that were grown utilizing good agricultural practices, utilizing raw materials that would otherwise be discarded or not used for food, producing the finished products as close to the fields as possible to reduce the carbon footprint and to focus on minimizing waste wherever possible.